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Assessment of your Home Loan Application

Once you have begun to seriously consider purchasing your own home, there are two ways to approach a home loan approval. After speaking with us here at Gladstone Home Loans, we can either firstly obtain a “pre-approval” for you before you commit with a purchase contract on a particular property or secondly if you have already entered into a purchase contract we can go straight for a formal loan approval.

Every bank/home loan lender has different credit policies regarding your type of employment, length of time in your current and past employments, amount of overtime you earn, the amount of your proposed deposit, your savings history, your credit file, how much they think you can afford to borrow and dozens of other factors. Anyone of these things could mean a loan application decline because of a bank policy –and just because you have a savings account with “ABC Bank” it has nothing to do with qualifying with them for a home loan.

You have to make your first application for a home loan your best shot - and that is why it is critical you talk to us at Gladstone Home Loans. You do not pay us - as they Banks do! We are accredited with nearly every Bank and home loan lender in Australia and accordingly have a choice of over 800 different types of home loans. We talk to you first and when we know your circumstances we place your loan application with a Bank or Lender that we have assessed will accept you, your background and your circumstances.  

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